Drive Traffic Using Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups are an amazing way to meet and communicate with people in your market. It’s also a great place to drive traffic to your websites, or wherever you want people to visit.

Facebook can be useful for most, if not all, online businesses for a number of reasons. One of those reasons is the ability to communicate with people in your market by joining the groups that they are in. I’m going to explain how I interact with other people in Facebook groups to drive traffic to this site and to my podcast.

Provide Value

Don’t spam the groups with your links. Let them know that you are there by providing value wit your responses. Let’s say someone asks how to fix an appliance in their home. You can respond with the answer, and that would be fine. But wouldn’t it be better if you gave them the answer with a video and maybe some tips on how to prevent the problem in the future?

Ask Questions Too

Don’t be afraid to get answers to the questions you have. It’s almost guaranteed that your question will be seen by members of your group and someone will answer. Be careful some people view this as an open invitation to your DM.

Asking questions shows the community that you are there for more than getting a sale out of them. Not only do you provide value, but you trust them to give you valuable answers to your questions. Building trust is key here.

Don’t be afraid….Building trust is key here.

What’s the Point in All of This?

I’m glad you asked. The point is to build trust with the people in your group. They aren’t going to just click on any random links, or just visit your site because you said so. Well, some people will, but not most.

Once you start making a name for yourself in the group, people will begin to trust you and listen to what you have to say. Then they will start visiting your recommendations and taking your suggestions.

When you advise that they listen to an episode of your podcast, or visit a page on your website, they will trust you because you always provide value.

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